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Every Atheist Needs: Hand Of God

Settle the fuck down, heathens. It’s a television series. Produced by Amazon, Hand of God stars Ron Perlman as a judge who suddenly starts to receive instruction from god in the form of his comatose son’s voice. There’s really no deep, moving message you’re going to get from this show. It’s just an exercise in pure entertainment and confirmation that skepticism, even in our everyday life, is a virtue.

Hand of god

You’re also going to get a taste of the show’s interpretation of the business of god, because seeing their meal ticket, new and upcoming church founders prey on the grieving judge, milking him for tens of thousands of dollars in donations, including his wife’s grand piano. They then use the money to try and build their own television broadcast a la Osteen or Graham. It really gives you that good, warm, “thank he-be-jeeby I’m an atheist” feeling.

The judge himself is a complete loon. In true religious fashion, he uses his newfound faith to excuse both his own heinous behaviour and the behaviour of his little sidekick he plucked out of prison with his judginess to do all his dirty work.

Intertwined throughout the show is a crime that needs to be solved, and our tripped out judge uses all his mayoral and police connections to get answers.

It’s funny, suspenseful, and well-acted. It’s sort of like a goofy version of the Wire with some Jeeboner thrown in for good measure. It is, by no means, a favourite, but if you’re looking for a reminder that religion is nuttier than squirrel shit, this oughtta do the trick.

You can check out Hand of God on Amazon Prime – which you can try for free here – the second season is coming out in spring, but I hear it’s been cancelled after that.

Have you seen Hand of God? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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