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Every Atheist Needs: /r/exjw


It’s been a while since I crammed the benefit of being a Redditor down your throats, so I figure we’re about due. Everyone grab your snoo, get ready to upvote and listen up.

The subreddit I want you to check out today is sometimes very tough to read. It is, of course, the ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses subreddit or /r/exjw and it’s filled with personal stories of doubt and newfound freedom. You’ll find people talking about their first beer since leaving the church; people discussing the joys of dating as a secular humanist; people chatting about what it was, exactly, that sent them running from the Kingdom Hall. it’s tough to read though because a lot of the stories are about the struggle people are having with doubt, people who have been shunned and disowned by family, and people who lost everything they knew when they realized they no longer believed.

This sub is a great way to get to understand what it’s like for Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a part of their church, to be disfellowshipped and to leave everything behind. It’s an open window shedding light on a sad world that you and I, as non-JWs, might struggle with understanding.

/r/exjw is full of brave and smart human beings who have fought through things none of us should have to deal with, in order to live their lives free and with reason. If this sub does nothing else for you, it will give you a deep respect for what these people have to go through to get where you and I already are.

I tell you about this sub expecting that, should you go there, you treat the discussion with respect. The ex-JWs that frequent the sub deserves this place to talk about their experiences with other people who might understand. Overwhelming the sub with never-JWs is not what I intend to do here.

So, check out /r/exjw, be respectful and enjoy!

What are your favourite subreddits? Let me know in the comments!

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