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Follow Friday: Yakob, Mr Oz & Slaywhore

Follow Friday - Yakob

Happy Friday, Heathens! I know, I know, I haven’t done a Follow Friday in a while. Someone asked me this morning why I don’t do Follow Fridays on Twitter and reminded me to get back into this.

So, why do I do Follow Fridays this way and not on Twitter? In a word: anxiety. Seriously. I get so fucking anxious that I’m going to leave out someone who really matters to me. There are so many awesome people on the internet to follow and pay attention to, there’s no way I could get to you all. So, I decided to give it a bit more thought and time, and do three at a time on my blog instead. That way, I could offer links to your social spaces and talk a little bit more about what you’re doing and what following you can offer.

So, with that in mind, here are my three faves this week:

Yakob – I first met Yakob when he was a theist and after debating with him on Twitter for a while, he disappeared. When he resurfaced, he happily pronounced he was an atheist. Now, Yakob engages in more online debates with theists than I do! He’s also a meme master, has a great sense of humour and is one of the friendliest fresh atheists you’ll ever talk to. Follow Yakob:

Next, we have Mr. Oz again! This time, it’s because he’s started a fresh new Facebook page and need some likes. You know who he is, now get on over to Facebook and join in the conversations he’s having there:

Finally, this week, I’d love for you to follow Slaywhore on Instagram. Her real name is, of course, Ayesha King, married to Slayer’s Kerry King. You gotta follow this lady because she’s an activist for animal rights as well as an out and proud heathen. She’s brilliant and funny and regularly pushes the envelope. Go check out Slaywhore on Instagram: 

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