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Follow Friday: Revolution, Evolution & An Atheist Institution

Happy Friday, freethinkers! I hope you’re all getting ready to spoil your moms this weekend because moms, unlike gods, are capable of producing life. Just nine months and a quarter cup of baby batter, and voila! Life is created. Sure, it’s no seven days… but we can demonstrate it, unlike gods. Here’s hoping some of you get to have your own “demonstration” later tonight, if you’re scannin’ my barcode…


Before you make twins, though, I’d love it if you checked out these awesome atheist spaces online.

First up we have Atheist Revolution – I had to go back and check that I hadn’t Follow Friday’d Atheist Rev before and I was surprised I hadn’t. It’s one of the blogs I read most consistently. In fact, when I type ‘A’ into my address bar, chrome autofills it with I’m on the site a lot and I really enjoy Jack’s take on a lot of topics. I think you might, too, if you’re not already enjoying it.

Check out Atheist Revolution:

Website: Twitter: @vjack

Next up, I want you to make sure you’re following Jerry Coyne and his blog, Why Evolution is True – Coyne is a brilliant evolutionary biologist who also tackles relevant and current topics affecting the atheist and skeptic communities. He’s not afraid of controversy and I love the way he breaks all of these discussions down. Check out Jerry Coyne on:

Jerry Coyne

When a claim is falsified in science it’s discarded and put in the trash bin of bad ideas. When a claim of religion is falsified it becomes a metaphor. – Jerry Coyne

Finally, if you’re not already following American Atheists, I think you really ought to be. This organization is doing extremely important work defending the separation of church and state in the world’s most visible and influential country. They have a long and colourful history beginning with the polarizing, larger-than-life character Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Now, American Atheists are bringing the issues that matter most to secularists into the mainstream and creating a future in which our atheist children no longer need to fear the consequences of being open about their lack of faith.

Follow American Atheists on Twitter here: @AmericanAtheist

That’s all for this week, folks! I have a Mother’s Day tea to attend, so have an awesome weekend and I’ll see you on the other side!

If you want to be featured on Follow Friday, drop me a note:

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