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Follow Friday: My Buddy The Rat, Mr. McAfee & A Documentary Binge #FF

You may have noticed that I posted my Atheist Life Hacks yesterday, when I usually post them Friday. That’s because I want to do a more in-depth Follow Friday here on my blog. I find that not many people actually follow the people I recommend if I send out a Follow Friday tweet and I sincerely think you’re missing out. I always put thought into who I recommend you follow, so I hope that these posts will help you find some new, informative, fun and followable people all over the interwebs.

I thought I’d choose one person from a couple different social spaces, to make the Follow Friday hold a bit more weight.

On this first installment of Follow Friday, I am naturally going to recommend my #TwitterBFF, @virtuarat, otherwise known as Andy. Now, I realize I am a little biased here, but it’s for good reason. Andy has an incredible sense of humour, he’s a compassionate a devoted humanist who rescued his own dog himself and he spends his days caring for dementia patients. He spent 22 years in the British Army and has been an atheist his whole life.

Andy blogs as often as he can over at and he’s not afraid to call anyone out. In fact, he does it often on his YouTube channel, Rattusvirtualis.

If you want to get some great laughs while making a wonderful new friend, you absolutely must follow Andy.

Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist

Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist

One of my faves on Facebook is David G. McAfee. He’s the author of several books, including Disproving Christianity and Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-believer. McAfee’s Facebook page is a great place for an atheist and an open-minded theist alike. He promotes positive conversation about atheism, and invites believers to challenge him all the time. He always remains calm in his interactions and posts lots of great memes, links and thought-provoking questions.

Go like David’s Facebook page, click here.

My third recommendation this week, is a YouTube channel that you’ve probably already heard of, Vice. The thing about this channel is that I had no idea it was packed full of documentaries about the most eye-opening stories. While the topics of these stories are completely across the board, they cover much religion-related material:

and get exclusive interviews with atheist heroes, like Jose Mujica:

Other Vice documentaries I loved:

Vice documentaries continue to blow my mind as often as I can make the time to watch them. I highly recommend subscribing and binging and sharing them with your friends. Subscribe here.

If you want to recommend someone (or even yourself) for Follow Friday, please email me at

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