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Follow Friday: Australian Edition

G’day Sheilas & Blokes,

This week I want to introduce you to some Australian people who are true blue additions to the atheist community.

The first is MrOzAtheist – this guy is a tweeter extraordinaire and a source of some seriously thought-provoking and laugh-inducing stuff. This Melbourne-based Aussie has been consistently supportive of all the bleeding-heart endeavours I take on, helping by getting lots of eyes on #FreeMubarak and #School4Mubarak and more. He’s definitely someone you want to have on your side. Go follow him on Twitter: @MrOzAtheist

The next is a podcast called the Herd Mentality by Mr. Adam Reakes. On his podcast, he interviews people about their projects and campaigns and has done incredible work helping to bring awareness to many a worthy cause. His podcast is entertaining, enlightening and important in my opinion. Go sub to him: The Herd Mentality .

Finally, this week I want you to subscribe to the Australian Atheist on YouTube. If this guy is not a side-splitting riot, I don’t know what is. As a former resident of the great nation of Australia, I miss that accent. I find it irresistible that every second word, literally, is “Fackin'” and he says it like he’s Kevin Bloody Wilson. Here’s a great one of his vids:

Sub to the Australian Atheist here: YouTube


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