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Every Atheist Parent Needs: Magformers

You’ve all played with Lego. I still wake up early in the morning some days to sneak my son’s lego out of his closet and build a yacht or a ’67 Shelby in powder blue. You have to buy lots of the girly Lego to build a powder blue Shelby, but I’ve gone off topic. Already.

Lego is so much fun because it becomes whatever the hell you want, no holy. You can build an airplane, a Seadoo, a brewery or a crack house, or anything else your godless heart desires.

Shit, you could even build your own vision of what hell would look like with you and Hitch at the bar with smokes, whiskey and the Bible.

Lego is probably the best toy ever invented. Until now.

Mommies and Daddies, I give you MAGFORMERS!

What are Magformers? Well, think Lego, but with the added power of Magnets. Yeah, that’s right. Now you can take that crack house and build it on the side of a metal chair or your refrigerator or studs in your wall. Bitchin’.

Here are some of the basic things you can build with Magformers:

These things never repel, they only attract. They help your kids think logically, and teach them scientific and mathematical concepts. Other skills they help boost: deductive reasoning and spatial awareness. They are fantastic and fun, and since we’ve had them, they get the most use of all of my son’s toys. He absolutely loves them.

They are a little pricey, but they’re extremely well made and will clearly last a lifetime. Even if you sneak into your kid’s room in the middle of the night to make a model of the Ship of the Imagination from Cosmos.

Grab yourself some Magformers for your little critical thinker (or at least pretend that’s who they’re for) and watch as Woody and Buzz both collect dust on the shelves.




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