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Fight The Anti-Science Trend by Raising Critical Thinkers

Child's science kit

One of my biggest fears is that one of my kids will be drawn to the dark side and start riding for the extreme right Christofascists who are working hard to threaten democracy in North America. Of course, this fear is entirely irrational because I've raised my babies to be critical thinkers, and now that they're older and one is an adult, I can see that they are. That doesn't stop me from worrying about it, though. I've seen so many people I once adored go down that path, and now they're driving diesel trucks down the highway, flying Canadian flags and "Fuck Trudeau" banners with their measles-stricken kids in the back seat. Christ, if either of my kiddos ever ended up like that, I'd just spontaneously die, I think.

As such, fostering a love for science in children is more important than ever. I've talked to you before about how I promoted critical thinking with my kids. Now, I want to show you some amazing science kits I would have loved as a child. These kits feed curiosity, and curiosity is the seedling of critical thought. Just one of these kits is a fantastic way to spark a passion for science in your babies. They provide hands-on learning experiences that not only educate but also entertain.

These are my recommendations:

National Geographic Stunning Chemistry Set

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Stunning Chemistry Set

Chemistry sets have long been a staple in the realm of science toys. They allow kids to conduct safe experiments, teaching them about chemical reactions, molecular structures, and the wonders of the material world. This kit offers a range of experiments, from underwater volcanoes to rocket launching. Hopefully, after a few play sessions with this, your kids won't see chemicals as the boogeyman all those crunchy moms make them out to be. I wonder how they get by without water and oxygen...

Solar System Planetarium

Oh dear Cheeses, I want this so much just for me. But it's great for your kids, too. This kit will show your kiddos how our solar system works. It makes visualizing the orbits of Earth and our neighbouring planets a breeze. Understanding the stars and planets nurtures a sense of wonder about the cosmos, our place in it, and, most importantly, the spherical nature of our planet.

I recommend accompanying this kit with the use of the Night Sky app on your tablet or smartphone or, even better, a kid-friendly telescope.

3D Wooden Building & Crafts

3D Wooden Building & Crafts

This kit is amazing. It teaches important concepts in physics and mechanics like hydraulics, tension, and the conservation of energy, all while engaging your kiddos (and you!) with lots of fun things to do. I wish I had this as a kid. Huckin' rocks was fun, too, I guess... But your babies will grow up with a basic understanding of physics, preventing absurd beliefs in things like miracles, manifestation, and the law of attraction.

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

Biology and anatomy are crucial to touch on with your kids, because anti-science rhetoric is often triggered by health and wellness concerns. This squishy human body give children a solid foundational understanding of the body, which is a great springboard to health literacy and a good way to ensure your kiddos don't become plague spreaders by denying vaccines.

STEM Robotics Kit

STEM Robotics Kit

In the digital age, understanding electronics and robotics is invaluable. This kit allows your children to build their own robots to teach the basics of electrical engineering and programming. These skills are educational and train their brains to think logically, which is great because it means you'll never have to ask them to leave because they can't stop talking about Hunter Biden's laptop.

4M Weather Station Kit

With this kit, kids can build their own weather station and learn about weather patterns and meteorology. It includes a wind vane, anemometer, thermometer, rain gauge, and a detailed instruction manual for creating a terrarium. Think of this kit as an inoculation against believing in chemtrails and that climate change is a liberal hoax.

Snap Circuits 203 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits 203 Electronics Exploration Kit

This is so cool. Your kids can build infinite designs with these snap circuits all while learning the basics of electronics. With enough of this kit, hopefully your babies will grow into adults who understand that 5G technology can't spread a plague.

Bonus kit: a magic set.

Choose any magic set. It doesn't really matter which. Why, you ask, would you want to teach your kids magic tricks? Because then they learn that there is a logical explanation behind things that may appear to be supernatural. Boom. Just like that, you have yourself a kid who will never believe that JFK Jr. rose from the dead.

My suggestion:

Science kits are more than just toys; they're a shield from mind-viruses spread by morons like Alex Jones. Listen, you don't want your kid saving up for a med-bed or cursing out Bill Gates while sticking magnets to their arm on TikTok. Prevention starts today. Get the kid a science kit.

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