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Every Atheist Needs: The Night Sky

Have you ever been staring at the stars and wondered “what’s that really bright one?”, or “why does that one look like it’s moving?”. Have you ever wondered if what you’re looking at is part of a constellation or maybe even a satellite? Have you wanted to be able to pinpoint planets and stellar systems and more? If you have, then you need this app. It’s called The Night Sky and it’s one of the first apps I bought when I got my iPad.

This app is beyond fucking cool. I highly recommend paying for the pro version. When you have a clear night, head outside and load the app on your device. When you hold it up to the sky, you see the same things you see in the sky, only labeled and with lines connecting constellations. With the paid version you also see satellites.

One of the coolest things about this app, is that if you move your device to face the ground, you’ll see everything in the sky on the other side of the Earth, including the sun, satellites, stars, planets and constellations.

This app, paired with a decent telescope will suck up all your time, open your mind and fill you with awe.

For $3.99, that’s a goddam steal, no holy.

This app is also fantastic for parents who want to teach their kids about space. My son absolutely loves to sit in our front window before bed and identify the things he sees in the sky. We are lucky to live in a rural community that is not too artificially lit up, so we can see plenty of the sky at night, from our home.

You will have the best experience with it on a tablet. Grab this app for your Android or Apple devices.

Have you tried this app? What do you think?


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