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Every Atheist Needs: Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire

Listen, I know this one has nothing to do with atheism, but as loud and vocal atheists here on the internet, we have to find a way to escape the religious nonsense every once in a while. This show will help you do that because there isn’t a single, solitary mention of God or Jesus or any of that silly shit that weirds us out every day (I didn’t count, for those Literal Popo out there).

Instead, Halt and Catch Fire is about the birth of the personal computer and later on, the internet. It’s about computer engineers in the 80s and 90s, and it’s fucking great. It’s an absolute nerd indulgence.

The thing is though, even if you don’t consider yourself the nerdy type, this show is worth the watch. It’s well done all around, the writing, the acting, the plot. Everything is impressive, but nothing comes close to the character development. It’s phenomenal. You end up loving these characters. You just fall for them.

See, I finished watching the last episode a week ago, and since then I have felt this quiet sadness in the back of my mind. When I began watching Halt and Catch Fire, it wasn’t one of those shows that I needed to binge. I enjoyed it, but I could wait between episodes. As the end of the series drew near, though, I spaced it out for different reasons: I didn’t want it to end. Now, I miss it.

I think part of the reason the show meant as much to me as it did, was because I grew up in that specific era. The main character’s house reminded me of my own when I was a kid. The clothes the women wore made me think of my mom way back then. The music, the decor, even the computers they worked on, all brought back a nostalgia that connected me to the characters.

Halt and Catch Fire is, by far, one of the most underrated television shows I’ve ever enjoyed. It seems like such a small fanbase, but it deserves one much larger. So, the next time you’re burned out on Jesus speak, take a break and watch this show.

Have you seen Halt and Catch Fire? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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