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Every Atheist Needs: CGP Grey

I am a card-carrying nerd, a lover of learning, an absorber of information. I think the most exciting thing in the world is understanding things, bringing clarity to them, solving mysteries. I pile books on my shelves with the lofty plan of reading each and every one of them and sucking up everything in them like a dry sponge being thrown into a pool. I love to read, I love to learn, and I love to figure out.

Problems arose with this, however, when I started to take on more and more responsibility. A full time job, a child, a dog, a husband, a garden. Slowly all my reading time was being assimilated by life obligations.

Fortunately, in today’s highly connected world, it doesn’t mean I have to go cold turkey with my love of learning. There are so many new ways to take in a book, to learn, to build your knowledge base for that imaginary Jeopardy streak you’re going to have one day. There’s Audible, which makes it easier than ever to listen to audiobooks. There are podcasts and documentaries and easily digested blog posts. My favourite way, though, to spend some time learning every day, is with my favourite teaching YouTube channels. I have covered John Green and his Crash Course before (click here for that) and today, I’m going to tell you about CGP Grey.

CGP Grey is a youtuber who creates educational videos on tons of different topics. The videos are entertaining, easy to digest and extremely well done. He covers such topics as geography, politics and economics. He often does videos on obscure subjects that you wouldn’t even think to seek out. For instance, one of my favourite videos is his video explanation of the Vatican:

I also love this one, about nations within nations:

CGP Grey has become the darling of Reddit as well, and created a video explaining it:

Grey’s videos often contain hidden links, which add to the appeal. Find them and they’ll take you to some fun places.

This has become how I get my learning fix more often than not with such limited time. I love that I can learn so much in such a little amount of time. My only gripe with CGP Grey is that he doesn’t make enough videos.

What is your favourite YouTube channel?

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