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Enter to Win Signed Books From Krauss, Boghossian and Sam Harris’ New Book!

Howdy freethinkers, open-minded theists and all around amazing people! I have been able, with the unending support and help of Andy, Nancy, Deana & Bami, to scrounge up some pretty spectacular prizes for you guys to win. The purpose here, is to up the noise for our indiegogo campaign to send Mubarak to school. You can see that here:

Before I get into the prizes, I want to give a shoutout to Lawrence Krauss who has made it very clear, education is something that matters to him. He’s not only tweeted the campaign, posted it to Facebook and donated, but he’s also given us a signed copy of A Universe From Nothing to give away. The gratitude I feel is immeasurable, so, thank you Lawrence Krauss. You are a treasure to the atheist community.

I also want to thank Peter Boghossian, who has been just as supportive and has donated a signed copy of A Manual For Creating Atheists.

Simon & Schuster has also been kind enough to send us two sets of 3 Sam Harris books for the cause.

I am in complete awe of the generosity that has happened here. I’m also still in a bit of shock from waking up to two unread emails in my inbox, the first from Lawrence Krauss and the second from Boghossian.

totally fangirling

Sorry for fangirling all over your email, Lawrence.

So, what are we giving away? These amazing prizes:

3rd Prize

Set of 3 Sam Harris books, including End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation and his new book, Waking Up.

Sam Harris Books

2nd Prize

A signed copy of Peter Boghossian’s A Manual For Creating Atheists


Grand Prize

A signed copy of A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss PLUS a set of 3 Sam Harris books including Letter to a Christian Nation, End of Faith & his new book, Waking Up.


How to enter: In order to win the Grand Prize, please note that you must be an indiegogo donor. People who have already donated are eligible by using the app below and entering the email they donated with.

Follow the very simple instructions using the rafflecopter app below. There are several ways to enter, and some will even give you more opportunities to win daily. Good luck, and thank you, from me, the team and Mubarak.

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