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Are You A Winner? Lawrence Krauss, Peter Boghossian & Sam Harris Books!

I know you’ve been waiting a while for this announcement, and I apologize for the wait – It took some time for the prizes to arrive.

Before I let you know though, I have to thank Lawrence Krauss, Peter Boghossian, Simon and Schuster, Shelley Segal, Keith Hebden, Andy Hobson and Dan Dana for donating prizes and perks.

While we didn’t come anywhere near making our goal for Mubarak, we were able to give him some money to help him get started somewhere safer than the Nigerian North.

Please let me know if you have not gotten your perk,

I also have to mention that we were sent two different books by Sam Harris rather than Letter to a Christian Nation and End of Faith. Instead we got The Moral Landscape and Free Will. Waking Up is still in there, though!

Without further yadda yadda, here are the winners:

Grand Prize: Our very own pet theist egg, Frankie Bird! My God Frankie, no holy, if you read all the books you’ve just won, you know you’re gonna end up on our side, right? And yes, Frankie, this was randomly chosen and not part of a giant scheme to get you to come to the dark side 😉

Second Prize: Steven D! Congratulations!

Third Prize: James R.

You have all been contacted via email to arrange for your prizes to be sent. The Grand Prize winner has the option of choosing a signed copy of Seeking Justice: The Radical Compassion of Jesus by Keith Hebden.

Congratulations everyone!




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