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Enter to Win! Brand New Copy of Waking Up by Sam Harris

Season’s greetings, hellbounds. Godless Mom may have bought you heathens a gift. Now, because I have very little moola to throw around, I could only buy one, so I thought I would give you all a chance to win it for Christmas. Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanza or the winter solstice or Dec. 25th. Whatever it is this season is for you.

Before I get started with the giveaway, however, I just want to mention that the signed copy of A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss, was won at $160 so that should help our friend Mubarak have a better holiday season. To all who bid, thank you so much.

waking up

Now for the giveaway. I enjoyed this book so much but I marked my copy all up so I could write my review better. So, I went out and bought you a new copy of Sam Harris’ Waking Up so one more of you can enjoy it. This contest runs until January 2nd and you can enter multiple times. Daily, if you want. Winners get the book and a note from me and the satisfaction of having won a giveaway.

To enter, just follow the instructions below. Good luck!




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