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11 Books To Send With Your Kid On ‘Bring Your Bible To School Day’

You know I have a problem clicking through on links to apologist propaganda. You also know I especially have this problem when the headline is too much to wrap my mind around. Well, I did it again, heathens. I recently I saw a headline about “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and right after I kissed my Canadian passport and thanked the Gods of poutine for having grown up in a place in which I know this joyous day of Jeeby does not apply, I went ahead and barfed a little.

Dr. Carl Moeller is trying to get you to stuff a 2000-year-old book of fables in your kid’s Minions backpack on October 8th. Why? Why does he want your children reading stories of torture, maiming, slavery, death, destruction, child abuse and eternal hellfire along with their friends at school? Why, to

share the hope and love of God with their friends and teachers, simply by taking their Bibles to class with them

of course!


Further, Moeller-the-schoolyard-troller, explains,

You might wonder what good taking a Bible to school can do in a world plagued by war and violence, and in a culture where traditional morals and values are dismissed as irrelevant. Can taking a Bible to school really do any good?
Faithfulness to God allows Him to act.

Okay, okay. I think I get it, now. So, basically, God’s abilities directly correlate to my level of faithfulness? I dunno… I think I need a visual representation. I know! I’ll chart it up.

God’s ability to perform looks something like this:

God's power

By taking a Bible to school, we’re automatically at a “Heard the good word?” level which means God can throw a Hail Mary for the win.


Carl says,

Today, the thought of showing up at a public school with a Bible in hand seems downright radical.

Yeah, no, Carl. Bibles are not any more radical than Aunt Judy’s flan.

Future Hell residents! I want you to counter this day by sending your kids to school with better books on Oct. 8th.

Which books, GM?

Settle down, I’m getting to it.

This book is geared towards children and covers what belief is as well as some well-known faiths around the world. It shows kids that many different people have many different beliefs that they hold just as dear as people do the Bible myth. It illustrates that not all of these myths can be true. It does a great job of getting those little minds to wonder, "if all of them can’t be true, how do we tell which one is?"

Grandmother Fish

An easy, enjoyable and visually stunning introduction to evolution for your babies. This book teaches kids that the fact that we are part of the Animal Kingdom and descended from other species is something to be celebrated and take pride in.

Sam Harris’ lovely wife created this beautiful book for children that teaches them it is okay to say, “I don’t know.” It celebrates discovery and curiosity and the quest for knowledge.

“We are all made of star-stuff” is a quote that captures the awesome beauty of our existence, which is illustrated easily for children in this wonderful book. It is the story of the Cosmos for your children.

This book places us, as humans, in the family of life on Earth. It tracks our ancestors through time and illustrates the diversity of life with gorgeous, colourful pictures.

This book celebrates curiosity and scientific discovery. The cute pictures will keep your kids entertained while learning that being curious is a good thing!

The concepts behind evolution can be difficult to understand for a child. This book does a fantastic job of getting around that by explaining it through the experiences of the Rinkidinks. It’s absolutely adorable.

Explore the major faiths from around the world as well as some belief systems that even parents may not have heard of. What do other people believe? Why do they believe it? Why do some people dress this way or that way? What are the differences and similarities between the world’s religions? All of these questions are covered in a fun, easy-to-read book for kids.

For teens, this book is a guide to exploring life without belief in God. It can help teenagers navigate the unfriendly attitudes towards disbelief and offers advice on how to speak with others about it.

Another great book from David, this time geared towards teens and young adults. This book offers advice and guidance on how and when to come out to your parents as a non-believer.

The Magic Of Reality

This book is absolutely perfectly suited to curious teens. It is jaw-droppingly informative and will have you sighing in awe in many places. Richard Dawkins explains complicated concepts with ease, grace and an enthusiasm that is so infectious. This is not a one-time read. This is a book to be cherished and thumbed through again and again for a lifetime.

Choose one or all of these. Grab it now so you have it in time for Bring Your Bible To School Day. Send your kid to school with it (unless it’s dangerous). You won’t just be educating your own child, but if he or she shares the book with friends, you’ll be introducing other kids to questions they may have never asked before.

Let’s keep the idea of God as impotent as Donald Trump, atheists. Send your kids to school with blasphemy on Bring Your Bible To School Day.

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