Your Stories of Atheism: From Catholicism to Unbelief

This is an ongoing series featuring your stories of how you came to identify as an atheist. If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here.

First, we’ll hear from Sheldon:

My story is probably similar to many others. I was raised in a passively Catholic household. My mothers’s oldest sister is super Catholic and was always pushing my mom to get us more involved. She is a religion teacher at a Catholic school. She talked my mom into making us go to PSR. We went to church most Sundays throughout the school year. I did the reconciliation and first communion ceremonies as a young child. I played 3 sports for the local church team where I made friends with everyone who went to the church elementary school. I joined the scouts through church to spend more time with my friends. So to say I was around the church a lot, is more than a fair statement.

This one was submitted anonymously:

I drifted from liberal Catholic/sometime neopagan to unbelief without any bells and whistles. There was no anger that I’d been lied to or anything like that. I really didn’t think about it very much, until I found out I was pregnant. For some reason, when the protective hormones kicked in, one of the things I suddenly felt urgently and passionately about was not wanting my child to have baptism or a naming ceremony or anything even remotely religious attached to his birth. If he chooses that later on, that’s his business. But for me, bringing another human being into the world was the first time I really adopted the atheist label as something important to me.

If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here.


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