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New Videos! 12 Ways Atheist Christmas Is Different From Christian Christmas

Since uploading this video, I’ve had to explain to several simple-minded folk, that this is just tongue in cheek. I constantly wonder why these types follow my content at all. 90% of what I do requires a good sense of humour. If you’ve come here looking for a scholarly lecture on the demonstrable differences between how two groups celebrate holidays, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. Turn back to your safe off-white wall that will never offend you and have a think. Whatever you do, do not watch this video.

Also, I forgot to post this one from last week to my blog, so you’re gettin’ a twofer. Merry fucking Christmas:

Feel free to tell me how offended your sensibilities are in the comments. I may use it for an upcoming video.

Love you guys xoxo

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