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Listen: What To Do About QAnon Family

Last week, Janice and I sat down live to talk to you guys about what to do if someone you love gets caught up in the QAnon conspiracy cult. This is a really tricky topic but we enjoyed talking about it. Thanks to my audio-nerd husband, you can now listen to it audio-only on your favourite podcast platform (although, I don't think it's been approved on Apple podcasts just yet, but it should be in the next couple of days). You can listen to it (and the first two episodes as well) here for now:

If you want to watch the live stream replay, you can check that out here:

Now, you can also show off the fact that you're a Godless Moms podcast listener with our merch (more to come). Click here:

Tomorrow at noon PST, we will be live to take your questions again, discussing what to do when your LGBTQ+ child comes out and you're afraid of how your religious family is going to react. Join us on Facebook here or on YouTube here:

We hope to see you there! Don't forget to submit topic ideas of questions for future podcast topics here.


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