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Follow Friday: Atheists Invade Pinterest

Satan in the Front Seat

Fun Fun Fun Fun

It’s Friday, Friday, God don’t get down on Friday…

What? Oh, you thought I’d never go Rebecca Black low? Hahaaa! How little you know me.

First thing this Friday, I want you to check out a coupla fundraisers that will blow. your effing. minds. Well, maybe not full on blow your minds, but they will make you cry like Hitler at his bris.

The first is a fundraiser for a documentary about exporting hatred and homophobia to Uganda. It exposes a prominent British evangelist who stood on stage in Uganda calling for the death penalty for homosexuals. The man behind this film, Daniel B Law, was able to uncover footage of this event. Prepare to get the chills:

You can back this fundraiser by clicking here.

The next fundraiser is one you know about already, but just got the added perk of being able to grab a Shelley Segal song for free. It’s our very own fundraiser to help get Mubarak out of hiding in Nigeria. Pledge just a buck and grab Shelley’s song Saved… and help save a life when you do it! Click here to get yours! (Update: Campaign has ended) This is Saved:

And lastly today, I really think you oughtta check out this board on Pinterest, because it’s posted to by over 1K atheists and it can be more fun than throwing bacon bits at a Bat Mitzvah:

Have an awesome weekend, infidels and let me know if you have something I can share on a future Follow Friday:


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