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Follow Friday: An Atheist Punk, Pete Finch & Where To Get Your News

Happy last Friday before schools starts! Wooot!

Today I am releasing a much higher quality video than my previous ones, so be sure you are subscribed to me on YouTube so you can see it. Click here. You can also become my Patron on Patreon to help me make more and betterer and the bestest videos. Click here to do that.

This week, I want you to follow @atheist_punk666 – this guy is a prolific meme creator and is married to drop dead gorgeous (I may be a little biased being as we look alike) Mama A. If you haven’t seen or retweeted one of this guy’s memes, you’re probably living under a rock. He’s got a great sense of humour, and is already adored by tons of followers. His memes are simply fantastic, and quite creative. Here’s one of my faves:


So, be sure to follow him, and his lovely wife:

Next this week, we have a YouTube channel by a guy who is just really down to earth, honest, funny and smart. This is legitimately my new favorite YouTube channel by miles. His name is Pete Finch and we need to have more atheist vloggers like this guy. This video made me howl:

and this one was so brutally honest and funny at the same time:

So go sub to this awesome YouTuber: Pete Finch

And finally, heathens, I want you to check out this itty bitty Google+ plus page that’s become my go-to page for atheist news. It’s called the Atheist News Network and I really think it needs some more followers, because the page consistently posts stories that are relevant to all atheists. Go check it out here: Atheist News Network.

That’s it for this Friday, but before I go, I want you to check out my friend Andy’s Kickstarter. He’s a fantastic writer, and deserves a chance to write his book. Click here to back him:

If you want to be included in a future Follow Friday, email me at


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