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Every Atheist Parent Needs: Sketti Tales #SkettiTales

You’ve all probably heard of Veggie Tales, the cartoon that brainwashes children with all the cherry-picked lessons of the Bible. I’ve had to skip over it a few times in the Netflix recommendations in hopes that one day it will just disappear from the otherwise pretty great list of titles for kids. One day… One day Netflix will see it’s just propaganda. But until that day, we can counter it with:

Sketti Tales

Sketti Tales! A space adventure story featuring a very pastafarian cast: Sketti Sam, Tomato Tom, Meatball Martha, and Breadstick Barb. These guys solve problems using logic and reason, and there’s no god-babble to be found in any of the pages. From the web site:

Sketti Tales is an adventure story! It is about 4 friends who travel to space and around the world discovering new things and having fun, silly adventures! Sketti Sam, Tomato Tom, Meatball Martha, and Breadstick Barb are all explorers seeking for answers and new discoveries!
They let their imaginations go, but use science and logic as their guide! They know, without imagination, science is not possible! You must first think about the unknown to discover it!
The first book, ‘Sketti Tales: An Adventure Through Space and Time’, takes the friends on a trip through universe. They will discover new galaxies, stars, and even possible new worlds!

The first book is available to be purchased by clicking here.

Have you read Sketti Tales? If you loved it as much as I did, be sure to tweet about it using the hashtag #SkettiTales. Let me know what other books you love to read to your kids in the comments!

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