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Every Atheist Parent Needs: Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids

I’ve written about John Green before. Both John and Hank Green are doing their best to single-handedly educate the entire young population of the world. They’re doing a fantastic job at it, too. Their Youtube series, Crash Course, is relevant for anyone of any age wanting to learn more about our world. They have also created Sci Show, which has helped millions of people understand many scientific concepts. Recently, they just launched Crash Course Kids though, and I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about this.

On Saturday, I made my son lunch and put on a Crash Course Kids video for him to watch while he ate. At first, I was worried that the host of the show, Sabrina, was talking a little bit above my son’s understanding. He’s still just six and I wasn’t sure if he got it or was even enjoying it. I stood back and faked not being interested. To my surprise, when the first video was over, he got up and clicked to start the next one. Over the next hour or so, he watched a few more and began to pause them to ask me questions.

This is something I have experienced over and over and over with my son and my stepdaughter – I assume that something is beyond their comprehension, but they show interest and understanding, making me look like the idiot. I have to keep reminding myself: kids understand so, so much more than you think they do.

This series of videos assumes that about your kids. It doesn’t talk to them like little idiots – the tone is geared towards intelligent thinkers and my kids seem to respond to that more than the condescending baby talk you get in other kids’ shows.

The graphics are done by the same outfit that does the Crash Course graphics, which makes the videos beautiful to look at. They are colourful, cute and eye-grabbing and make each video easy to follow.

Your children will love this video series. Just start them off with this one, and step back:

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