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Every Atheist Needs: Richard Dawkins’ Ted Talk on Militant Atheism

I know what you’re thinking, “I must have won the heathen lottery, because Godless Mom is giving us two posts today” but you needn’t get all sweaty over it. Just simmer down. I’m giving you a second post because I love you guys and I found a sliver of extra time to give you a little something extra.

Although, I can hardly take credit for this.

If you’re any sort of atheist, you’ve likely seen this before. However, more and more people have been talking to me about how new to atheism they are, so I wanted to share one of my favorites.

In this TED talk, Richard Dawkins asserts that evolution is true, and that religious beliefs are absolutely not compatible with it. Being religious, is essentially a denial of truth. He also talks about how important it is for atheists to come out and say what they think about religion, and voice their criticisms rather than being “respectful” as they call it, of nonsense.

Of course, Richard says it a lot more beautifully than I ever could. One of the most beautiful quotes from this TED talk is this:


Watch this talk and pass it on so more atheists come out :

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