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Every Atheist Needs: BionicDance

Youtube is full of creationist content – videos asserting the foulest of fallacies are posted constantly. Some of them are addressed to atheists even, and there are lots of atheists who respond. The best of these, by far, is BionicDance.

Kate, the atheist behind BionicDance, cleverly dissects their arguments with a mix of sarcasm, wit, reason and intelligence. Her animations make the videos easy to watch and before you know it, two hours have passed and you’ve just watched a dozen of her videos.

BionicDance is a strong, smart, outspoken and original female atheist content creator. Not only does she dissect the arguments of religious fundies on YouTube, but she easily expresses a rational view of current events and common questions from theists.

Here are some recent favourites:

This channel is an overflowing bevy of awesome content and you are truly missing out if you’re not already subbed. To subscribe to BionicDance, click here. Follow her on Twitter, here.

What are your favourite atheist YouTube channels?

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