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Every Atheist Needs: A Signed Copy of A Universe From Nothing

Lawrence Krauss' Signature

Lawrence Krauss’ Signature

I was waiting on posting this one for an article to come out about Mubarak’s situation, but it seems to never have materialized so I’ll post it now. As you know, a while back, we held a contest to raise funds and awareness so we could get Mubarak out of Nigeria. Mubarak is an atheist who was beaten, drugged and detained for saying he doesn’t believe in God. We were raising funds to get him out of Nigeria because it was unsafe. Unfortunately, we did not raise quite enough and he is still there. He cannot get a job or go to school as life out in the open for him is far too dangerous.

The contest ended with one of our favorite theist Twitter friends winning. Frankie, who has a huge heart, and has been supportive of this cause from day one, decided to donate her winnings back to us so we can raise some money with them.

So, today, I’ll launch the auction to grab yourself a signed copy of a Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss. It’s the perfect time to grab this – imagine giving it to your favourite Krauss fan for Christmas.

This auction will start at $20 USD, and if you want to bid, send me an email at with the amount you want to bid. I will keep this running for a week, and keep the highest bid amount on this page. Next Monday morning at 8am PST is the deadline. Proceeds will be forwarded to Mubarak, who is still in Nigeria and still in danger.

Good luck!

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