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3 Things Critics Of Islam Are NOT Saying

It never fucking fails. Every godless time I post anything critical of Islam, from the woodwork emerges a tidal wave of straw men and irrelevant comments:

“B-b-but Christianity is evil, too!”

“B-b-but not all Muslims are bad!”


“B-b-but Islam is not solely to blame!”

Sometimes I feel like I have an alternate personality that writes things in invisible ink at the end of my posts – I can’t fuckin’ see it, but the lot of you seem to be able to. I get these responses to things I clearly did not say, and I can’t really sort out a better explanation. It’s the Invisible Ink Hypothesis – you’re responding to something I didn’t fucking write.

This past week, I talked a little bit about the Orlando shooting and its relationship to Islam. No, I didn’t talk about gun control or mental illness because, and this may be shocking to you, this is not a gun control blog. It’s also not a blog about mental health, although sometimes it may seem like it is.

My blog, Godless Mom, is about atheism.

Shock and awe

Shock & awe, motherfuckers.




Do you know what that means, my little doomed ones? It means that here we talk about living without religion. It means that here we criticize religion. It means that here, we poke a little fun at the Gods.

While sometimes I stray from this topic, rambling on and on about my travels and the justice system, godlessness is the default topic here, so if you’re looking for a rant about gun control or mental health, I dunno what to tell you. That’s like being present while a mama dog gives birth and being shocked baby kangaroos didn’t come out. You’re not well, friend. You are not well.

In the spirit of your confusion, though, I thought I would clear up a few things that I am not saying when I point to Islam as a spot of blame for events like what happened in Orlando this past weekend:

1. I am not saying Islam is the only cause.

I appreciate the fact that you’ve pegged me as a simple-minded cretin, who believes actions can have just one cause, but I can assure you, I’m a little bit more sophisticated than that. You see, I am of the school of thought that when one talks about possible causes of action, one can point them out one at a time. I don’t feel it’s necessary that every single time we speak of the causes of actions, we absolutely must mention every possible cause lest someone assume we think there is only one. I am okay with talking about these causes one at a time. I am okay with talking just about the one cause that feels most important to me, and most relevant to the conversation on my blog. You can rest your pretty little head, assured that when I say “Islam is a cause”, I am not saying, “Islam is the sole cause and there are no other causes”.

Wait, what?

It’s not a riddle, kids.

2. I am not saying all Muslims are capable of committing the same crime.

You’ll know if I’ve said that because that’s what I’ll fucking say. I’m an atheist and a skeptic and someone who wants to function with logic and reason and clarity. As such, I tend not to be cryptic with what I’m saying, and cut straight to the chase. I mean, I thought this much was obvious. I’ve never really minced words here, have I? I’ve been honest and open and straightforward, no? There are no symbolic, interpretive Shakespearean passages on my blog, are there? I mean, I’d love to have anything I wrote described as Shakespearean, but I also live in reality. As Godless Dad says, I don’t have my fuck around pants on here at – I tell you what’s on my mind word for word. This means you can expect that if there ever comes a day that I think all Muslims are capable of committing acts like what happened in Orlando, then I will say it in those very words. I promise I will not say it in some cryptic way that requires interpretation. Until then, I will tell you that it’s not just my opinion that the very, very large majority of Muslims are not capable of an act like this, it’s a fucking fact. <—- These words are precisely what I mean. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are

hearing more, you might seek medication.

3. When I say, “Islam can lead to violence and hatred,” I am not saying, “but Christianity does not, nor do any of the other religions across the globe.”

This one floors me the most. My head is furiously shaking as I type this because those who say this to me, say it as though I don’t spend a good 80-90% of my time criticizing Christianity. You say it as though I am not critical of all religion and all religious belief. You say it, frankly, as though you have no fucking clue who I am nor what I am all about here on I know that all unfounded belief is dangerous – that’s why I write posts like, Why Religion Needs To Be Destroyed. It’s because I take issue with all the religions. It’s because I think all religious thought poses a great danger to humans as a species.

“So, why did you only mention Islam after the Orlando shooting, GM?”

Because, my lovely little touched one, the shooter was a Muslim and it’s not a stretch to think that the religion that has some of its leaders see fit to throw gay people from buildings to their untimely deaths, may have played a part in this man’s hatred of the LGBT community. Can you look me in the eye and say, with honesty, that you truly believe that’s a stretch?

Buddy Christ

When I wrote a piece criticizing Frank Turek’s Christian-born hatred, no one shouted “but what about Islam?”. So, why do you shout, “but what about Christianity?” when I am critical of Islam? What is this double standard all about?

Can anyone clarify this for me? Anyone?

In the darkest corner of my office lay my fuck-around pants, clumped in a pathetic pile, useless. This is where they have remained since the dawn of and that’s where they’re going to remain until the day I stop writing here. When I step away from Godless Mom and I turn into the copywriter I get paid to be, I admit, sometimes I put them on. A copywriter is mostly full of shit. Consider your little bubble burst. When I am here, though, and I have my Godless Mom hat on, the fuck-around pants are on the floor. I will always say what I mean and mean what I say. So, if you don’t see the words here, and you can’t copy and paste them nor link to the page from which they originated, that’s a clear indication that I didn’t say it and you have no grounds to assume I meant it.

You’re reading the blog of someone who nicknamed Frank Turek, “Goebbels” and who freely admitted to enjoying Tommy Robinson give an interview. Now, all of a sudden, you expect I am going to hold back and be cryptic about the shit I mean? Jesus fucking Christ on a digestive biscuit, #NoHoly, keep up, little simpleton. Keep the fuck up.

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