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13 Reasons To Think Religion Is Dying A Painful Death

Religions are assholes. They always have been. Even if you believe in God and you consider yourself a Christian or a Catholic or a Jew, and you’re reasonable, you can see this. The organizations are responsible for many atrocities and more deaths than any war. They strip human beings of rights, and fuck up scientific progress. They seep into the policies of most countries and are responsible for some of the most absurd laws that make zero sense except in the context of one holy book. They make great people do shitty things and give shitty people reason to do shittier things. Religions are nothing but a giant cancerous asshole that has marred our history more than a few times.

Sure, some good has been done in the name of religion, but you and I both know, that very same good could have been done without religion. It’s about fucking time we took responsibility for our own good deeds and realize that it’s the person who does good, not the religion. It’s time we pulled our big boy and girl pants up and let go of the comfort of these silly myths and be good just for the sake of being good.

Religions are obsolete and unnecessary and I am pretty sure they’re receiving that message loud and clear. I’m pretty damned positive we are witnessing the death of religion…. it is occurring in our lifetime, and here are 13 reasons why I think that:

1. The first openly atheist candidate is running for congress in the USA. Given that 7 states still block atheists from running for office, this is huge. The thing is, it wouldn’t be happening if there wasn’t a demand for it. He may not win, but just the fact that he is open about it and proud to be atheist and running for office at the same time, is a definite sign of progress.

2. This cow:

Things The Godly Say

Things The Godly Say

Realistically speaking, freethinkers, you don’t go seeking out atheists and lash out at them in spite of them being strangers, unless you have some kind of fear that we’re making progress. I’ve said it before a million times, your faith must be fragile as hell (no holy) if what I am doing is threatening it.

3. The declining belief in god worldwide. According to several studies, the belief in God is steadily dropping. Really, if nothing else is a sign we’re emerging from the dogmatic dark ages, this is.

4. This bullshit : Boko Haram. I’m sorry, but you don’t need to resort to religious extremism unless you’re in full-on panic mode that something is threatening your faith. Opposition to Western influences makes it very clear, they are afraid that if their subjects, under strict sharia law, are to see and hear messages and culture from the Western world, they’ll leave Islam.

5. Atheism is on the rise in the USA. The most religious country in the Western world is showing a steady and significant increase in atheism. It’s showing no signs of slowing and will likely take over.

Evil laugh

Soon, we shall take over the world!

6. This fucktardery – Hobby Lobby. It’s no longer enough to have your church beat the evil of contraception into your head, it must be fucking legislated. Why? Because we’re Godless and that makes you contraception-hating Jeebots a-skirred. You’re losing the war, so you force wins in the smaller battles. Not to worry, it’ll all be over soon for you Hobby Lobby types…

7. This asshole:


Who, me?

People who don’t feel threatened, don’t usually act like this.

8. Because this. Abandoning religion is a trend, not just amongst regular, every day people, but also within the ranks of religious leadership. Peace out God, we love science now!

9. ISIS – only those who fear that the numbers of Muslims will decline would need to force people of other faiths to convert to Islam.

10. This fuckknocker:


What a charmer!

This was a comment left on a post on my G+ page. I had never spoken a word to this Isaac chap before. It came out of nowhere. Why? Because there is no other way to express his distaste with the material I post. Not one good argument exists for choosing to remain within the bounds of religious dogma, and so Isaac here must resort to name calling. It’s fine by me. Guys like this do my work for me.

11. Because of this. Online spaces like Reddit and Twitter have factions of militant atheists, and whether you agree with how they approach the subject or not, they are clearly affecting change. I have seen many people leave religion behind after engaging in online debate with an atheist. This is happening every single day, every hour of the day, every fucking day of the year. Welcome to reason, new atheists! Boy, are we fucking proud of you!

12. This shitface:

Devil cocks

Are devil cocks a thing?

It is so easy to destroy religion when the religious act like this. Let’s face it. No need to get our backs up about it, just point and say, “Alright, thanks for lending a hand there, Drummer man”.

13. The Westboro Baptist Church. Much the same way as ISIS and Boko Haram, WBC has resorted to extremism because it is the only response to feeling God slip out of the grip of your slimy ass-hands. What all of these extremist groups have in common is that they appear to be panicking and why panic if there’s no threat?

Atheism is a threat. It’s a threat to hatred, bigotry and dark age thinking. It’s a threat to wars and violence and having excuses to commit heinous acts. It’s a threat to your backwards, idiotic world of the past and it’s winning. People want to be good, and move into the light of reason and knowledge and logic. Good people want this, and good people are seeking it out. Unfortunately, we have to wait out the pained cries of dying dogma, but once it’s over, the world will be so significantly better off. We’ll be able to better our species as a whole. We will finally be truly free.

Do you think religion is dying? Let me know in the comments!


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