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Atheism Requires More Faith Than … Faith?

So, yesterday went something like this: work, work, write, blog, snack, work, mom, dinner, mom, sleep, then don’t sleep, then get the fuck up and interweb. During my insomniacal interwebbing, I always end up clicking links that take me deeper and deeper into what I like to call, the Holy Web. This is the part of the web where every second post is devoted to a small man who lived in the Middle Eastern desert a bajillion years ago, and where atheists, like Mom, go to punish themselves.

Why do you want to punish yourself Godless Mom?

I fucking don’t, but when you see some of their asinine headlines, a heathen’s gonna click.

And last night, boobies and balls, I done clicked.

I clicked and discovered Mr. Matthew Warner.  Matty Warner says that he thinks atheism requires more faith than religion.

No need to adjust your helmet, descreídos, you read that right. Atheism requires more faith than religion.

I realize that M-Dub’s post is old and that he stopped posting a long time ago, but this is, in fact, something that theists spew at me about a dozen times daily, and Matty, Matty Bo Batty said it about as well as any other believer who believes this, which is to say, not fucking well at all.

When I come across a finely prepared meal on a table, it would be quite a leap of faith to believe that nothing put it there. And it would be far more reasonable to believe that something must have put it there.

So, what Warner here has figured out, all by his insipid self, is that indeed finely prepared meals do not appear out of thin air… unless, perchance, you’re illin’ with Jee-town in the desert and you have a loaf or two.

Then shit’s about to get more gourmet than a flambe beignet by Gordon fucking Ramsay.

GM aside: I’m beginning to feel like a rap god, rap god

The thing about supper time in Hell’s Kitchen, though, is that we have witnessed the chefs prep, cook, and serve your dish. Even if, on this particular night, we did not witness it, and the waiter arrives with our amuse bouche before we spy a whisk, we know that the chefs in the kitchen prepared it. How do we know this without seeing it? Because there's a pattern of having observed people prepare foods that we’ve eaten our entire lives. Observable, demonstrable evidence is what that’s called, and it appears Matt in the hat does not know a lot about that.

…something must have put it there. So it is with all of creation.

Oh, for sure, M-to-the-dubya, it is definitely the exact same… except not at all. There is evidence for cooks. There is no evidence for God. See? See how duck confit and the entire universe are completely not alike at all?

when we arrived, the meal had already been prepared. Did you see somebody prepare it? Do you have any scientific evidence to support your claim? No.


What in the 8-ounce fuck, M-squad? Are you fucking serious? There’s plenty of evidence to back up the claim that this magical rice pudding was prepared by someone. Every day we see people cooking. Turn to the food channel. Now turn to the channel that shows deities creating shit like it ain’t no thang. Oh… that’s right… there isn’t one. Oddly, no deities answered the casting call for “Watch Me Smite TV.”

Christian faith is not irrational

Now hold your rosary right there, pew-sniffer… not irrational? You got your bearded giant in the sky who’s been there for all eternity, you have pregnancies without so much as an “ooo, baby!” ghosts, talking snakes, habitable whales, and men who live near a millenium. Sounds perfectly fucking rational to me… if you’re on shrooms.

In Christianity, reason takes us far and then faith takes it from there. But they never contradict.

And by “never contradict,” you mean, of course, “always contradict” because if you had any reason at all, you’d see that “never contradict” lacks all reason and makes your entire sentence entirely unreasonable and contradictory.

relying only on the reasoning capacity of a small, limited brain makes for a small, limited world

Quite the opposite, tons of fun. Reason has effectively expanded our universe since science began while faith, well, faith just kept the world the same damned bigoted, misogynistic size, hopefully hurtling toward the end times with glee and dim-minded threats of eternal damnation. All of existence was small in the Bible, smaller than a continent. Our understanding of the vastness that is out there did not come from your faith, it came from our reason.

Good faith – a Christian faith – takes you truthfully beyond your reason. Bad faith is simply un-reasonable. Big difference.

And I suppose you know, Matt, how to determine the difference between good faith and bad faith, then? Being as “faith” is defined as belief that is not based on proof, the only way to determine what faith is good and what faith is bad is via nothing but a fucking hunch, whittling your comment down to nothing more than, “I am better than you because I believe this horseshit instead of that horseshit.”

Well done, Matty. Ya dun gone and twisted the same old line with arguments that amount to what’s in my fucking bank account: sweet, fancy, fuck all. There is no faith in atheism. It is the rejection of a single claim.  Nothing more, nothing less. It leads to other isms, that is for sure, and other isms lead to it, no denying. But atheism itself is a faithless rejection of a claim, and no matter how many times you pucker up for your pope and recite the same old shit without mulling it about in your hat rack, it’s not going to change it.

Facts simply do not require faith, and the fact is, there is no demonstrable evidence of a creator. If someday there was demonstrable evidence for a creator, believing in him would cease to be a matter of faith, Matt Attack, because it would be fact.

Atheism is about what’s real. Reality is all around us. That’s why atheists have no need for faith at all. We just open our eyes and see.

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