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Yes, Mubarak is Free – Here’s What He Had To Say #MubarakIsFree

Keeping Mubarak’s release from the public to ensure his safety served futile. We are excited and elated that he is free, but it’s not over yet. I am overjoyed and proud to be able to post some of his words here, which were published at

“I have chosen to put things behind me for the sake of reconciliation. I am no longer interested in pursuing the reliefs and intervention I earlier sought. I have been assured of my safety, integrity, and privacy as well as freedom of speech, of conscience and of religion.I thank you all for the concern and advice. To those who have made threats, I urge you to reason and learn to tolerate opinions other than yours. Education and free speech cannot be cured, but love for humanity is our panacea, we share the same destiny. All that I have said is in good will that we may all prosper and learn the facts of life.”

Mubarak Is Free!

Mubarak Is Free!

This would not have been possible without IHEU, Bob, Bamidele, Adeyinka, Andy, Nancy and Deana. It would have been absolutely impossible without the trust of thousands of Twitter users. This was a group success, and I am so proud to be a part of this amazing community!




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