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Here's What Happens in a Society That Doesn't Value Critical Thinking

QAnon is a confusing cult

Five years ago, if you'd told me that there would be a large group of people who were convinced that injecting their own urine could reverse the effects of a vaccine, I'd have laughed. I don't even think I would have bought it as a shitty movie plot. But, a couple of weeks ago, I sat down to chat with Dan, who told me his mother was trying to get him to do that very thing for that very reason, and it just became the latest in a series of wild claims that the QAnon nutters are clinging to.

In the last two years, I have been told that:

  • The world's banking system will collapse and be replaced by the "Quantum Banking System," which, of course, comes with the "advice" to purchase a crypto called "Quantum Dollar"

  • But we're also headed back to the gold standard.

  • The Evergiven barge that got stuck in the Suez Canal became stuck because it was filled with the bodies of children.

  • Pastor Bob Joyce is actually Elvis

  • JFK Jr. is alive and getting ready to reinstate Trump as president

  • JFK Jr. is also dead and was killed by the Clintons

  • Trump is the messiah sent to rid the world of an evil, Satan-worshipping cabal of cannibals that trafficks children for sex and adrenochrome.

  • Hillary Clinton routinely cuts off the faces of children and wears them.

  • Covid is a hoax

  • But covid is also a bioweapon concocted in a Chinese lab by Anthony Fauci

  • But covid is also harmless

  • And covid is also just a setup to get us to accept the covid vaccines

  • The covid vaccines contain microchips to track us

  • The covid vaccines contain magnets

  • The covid vaccines alter our DNA

  • The covid vaccines will kill us in 6 months.

  • No, strike that, they will kill us in 5 years.

  • Colloidal Silver will cure covid (and everything else)

  • Essential oils will cure covid (and everything else)

  • Drinking urine will cure covid (and everything else)

And now, of course, despite claiming they already have numerous substances that will cure everything, they've come up with yet another cure-all: injecting your own urine. The idea, of course, is that your urine contains stem cells that then replicate in your body once injected. This is not true, of course, and the very fact that they seem to need a new cure-all despite having so many already should tell you all you need to know.

It always blows my mind how their own theories contradict each other, but we're not exactly dealing with clear thinkers here, are we?

This is, sadly, what happens in a world where we stop valuing critical thought. If I have to put myself through all of this, so do you. Listen to Dan talk about his mom's ideas regarding urine, and so much more (and don't forget to check out his funny story about meeting Donald Trump on Patreon) :

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