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Why Are You An Atheist? Submit Your Story

In the short period of time I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve met so many of you. I’ve heard so many stories about what made you choose atheism, stories of conversion, harrowing stories of abuse and mistreatment.

My story about why I am an atheist is rather dull: I was born, no one tried to indoctrinate me.

I know that turning to atheism has been a difficult road for some of you and for others, it’s been joyous and rewarding. I want to share some of your amazing stories. I want to give those who may still be hiding or unsure, a reason to be open.

So, if you want to share your story, fill out the form below or email

A couple of things to think about:


1. Don’t worry if you don’t think your story is interesting. It probably is to someone and could actually help someone decide to be open about their atheism.

2. I may publish your story here on this blog, so if it’s private and you still want to share it with me, please say so in your email and I won’t publish it. If you prefer as well, you can submit it anonymously and I’ll credit it to “anonymous”.

3. Spread this message far and wide using the share buttons at the top and bottom of this post, so we can gather a lot of stories and potentially start a series of posts.

I will leave submissions open indefinitely.

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