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New Video: When A Christian Doesn’t Think My Family Should Exist

We’ve found our way to another Holy Fucking Comments video and I’m not gonna lie, this was a tough video to make. No, not because any of the comments upset me, or anything. Instead, it was due to a handful of factors:

  1. I couldn’t stop pulling gut muscles laughing at the idiocy of the comments that made it into the video and some of the ones that were cut. I mean, one guy calls me a dildo sucking turd while informing me how many smicks are in a clue for fuck’s sake. I was literally dying.

  2. My cat and my dog seemed to have signed a contract with the dark lord in an alliance with the sole aim of sabotaging Holy Fucking Comments. I had to sluggishly trudge through hours of footage to cut out all the meows, all the barks and the various gagging and coughing sounds the two of them make when they’re Greco-Roman wrestling at my fucking feet. A couple of meows and a bark made it into the video. See if you can find them.

Anyway, I’m tired and you probably want to find out what the fuck a smick is, so without further hums and haws, I give you: Holy F*cking Comments: CHRISTIAN DOESN’T THINK I SHOULD HAVE A FAMILY!

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Which was your favourite comment in this video? What would your responses be? Let me know in the comments and I love you godless motherfuckers! Until next time, SEACREST OUT.


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