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My QAnon Dad Ran For Secretary of State

In the season 2 opener of the Q-Dropped Podcast, we talk to two brothers, Caleb and Josh whose QAnon father ran for Secretary of State in the state of Colorado so he could control the election certification process. Find out how it turned out and how Caleb and Josh responded.

Western Canadian Reason Conference:

Get an ad-free version of this episode here, as well as the following bonus clips in video format, so you can see Courtney, Josh, and Caleb discuss:

  • Bonus Clip 1 - Discussing the futility of speaking to QAnoners

  • Bonus Clip 2 - Discussing how we all may just be in the Upside Down

  • Bonus Clip 3 - Josh talks about the state of his relationship with his parents today.

Watch the full episode for free here:

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