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My 5 Pet Peeves As An Atheist

So, I dug up my old Flip cam which I thought was broken, and found out that it is not broken at all. As such, I was able to make you a way better quality video. I’m still finding my way around this YouTube thing, so any pointers you may have are very much appreciated.

The song was written by my husband especially for me and we are still working on vox, since neither of us are all that great at it. I did write lyrics though and they go something like this:

my mom is going to hell jeebots don’t bother ringing that bell YECs makes her wanna drink stoli virgin birth? my goddamned ass, no holy!

glad i never was baptized don’t wear a veil to cover my eyes i believe in masturbation even if it means eternal damnation!

Godless mom!

So, if any of you have a great punk rock voice and wanna lend me your skillz, feel free to contact me at

So, without further adieu, I give you my newest video:

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