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Guest Post: The Origin Of Gender

The following is a guest post by Mark S. Gaffney.


Do not confuse the origin of gender with the evolution of sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction wouldn’t exist had gender not come about first.

For anyone who really believes god made gender (in the form of adam & eve) from dirt, … isn’t it time to leave the fairy tales behind? You’re adults … right? Ok then, lets get started!

Gender Predates All Complex Organisms.

In the mid 90’s, it was announced worldwide that more than 30 genders had been discovered from the primordial sea. It’s entirely possible (maybe even probable), that by now, many more have been discovered.

So where are all those other sexes?

It turns out that nature’s criterion was size. All genders smaller than an egg, and larger than a sperm, simply went extinct.

Size – Natures Criteria

Imagine a fruit fly with no gender, simply dividing. It’s just too large a life form to be able to manage a task like that, and even more obvious, humans … with no gender, again, simply dividing like a single cell organism isn’t possible. So in order for gender to exist (in our world right now), gender itself HAD to happen before more sophisticated systems (complex organisms) would be able to evolve, by facilitating the ability for sexual reproduction, indeed, the ability for complex organisms to breed and produce offspring.

Had it not, you and I would simply not exist right now.

Gender Bees

It’s Just Common Sense!

If anyone’s still having problems understanding this concept, I’ll take you step by step, thru the common sense of it all.

1) The solar system forms

2) The earth amasses its oceans (now we have a primordial sea)

3) Abiogenesis happens

4) Single cell life catches on, and simply divides to maintain numbers

Cell division

Single Cell Organisms *Do Not Have Gender*, nor can they “Mate”, rather, they simply divide. In order for complex organisms to emerge, simple life must find a way to *Breed* … *Before* it can become complex life and thus continue down the long evolutionary road … to become us.

5) Over countless millions of years, the primordial sea randomly tries one experiment after another, until that *Perfect Couple* are born, and at some point meet. (It should be noted, that for all anyone knows, it could have been, and probably was, a hundred million years before that perfect couple … ran into each other)

6) All those other interesting genders that didn’t make it, are now gone, for the rest of time. Think of the amazing knowledge that could be garnered if we had them all with us in a living state.

And So … you take your beautiful wife out for a candle lit dinner, with the sober understanding, that your very first date was a billion years ago, in some lost tidal pool, at the oceans edge, of a primordial sea.

Is it any wonder you’re hopelessly hypnotized by her.

She’s been with you, for a billion years.

Tidal pools

About the Author Mark S. Gaffney – Anthropology

“So take it as far as you see and beyond With eyes you don’t use enough, gather up strength As thoroughfare gap, what awaits is whatever you see When you get there, or even before It’s no matter, no distance, it’s the ride”

– Stephen Stills

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