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Follow Friday: The Atheist Codger, Free Speech & Homeschooling

It’s Friday! I’ve got beer chilling in my fridge, watching the seconds tick by until the hour reaches a more “appropriate” beer-drinking hour than 9:30am. I am going to hit that couch so hard and binge-watch the Mr. Robot episodes I’m behind on like they’re paying me in Sleeman’s Original Draught to do it. No bars, no theater, no clubs… It’s just me, the chilled beer, Godless Dad and some Rami Malek.

So this week, I want you to subscribe to and follow The Atheist Codger – this fella reads from the Bible on a frequent basis, and gives you his perspective on it as an atheist. He also talks a lot about where he came from and his fundamentalist Christian background, and he loves to expose his viewers to classical music. He’s got a great accent, and is a very clear, to-the-point talker who comes across as well-read, well-educated and informed. Here he is talking about fundamentalist Christianity:

He’s like the enchanting, storytelling Granddad everyone wants. You will not be disappointed with this sub.

Next, you have to check out Wendy McClelland, who is a champion of free speech. Another fellow atheist, Wendy is very outspoken on twitter about issues that affect the secular world, mental health and freedom of speech. Follow Wendy: @wendyweb47

For parents who are considering homeschooling, but are afraid that all the resources out there are for religious homeschooling, you should check out Secular Homeschool on Facebook. It’s an enormous community of homeschoolers who share resources that have nothing to do with any particular religion. They put together a calendar of homeschooling events, sales and workshops that are geared toward a secular education at home. Homeschooling moms and dads everywhere will love this page. Like it here: Secular Home School

If you want to be featured in a future Follow Friday, email me and let me know:

Enjoy your Friday, heathens!


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