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Follow Friday: A Private Eye, Monicks and A Prototype

Happy Friday Heathens! This week has been incredible. I posted my first video last week about my new Patreon campaign and I’ve had nothing but positive response, even though it was literally thrown together at the last minute on a Friday night. You can check that out by clicking here. I had such a positive response that I am working pretty hard on making some vids for you guys (SO NOT MY FORTE) in the near future. I’ve even had my hubs write me a punk rock intro, which Atheist Andy has sung the grungy, heavily British accented vox for. I’m pretty excited.

I wanted to remind you all to follow me on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest as well, since I post some different things on each one. Google+ in particular gets a lot of discussion going. They are:

This week, I want to introduce you to Nancy Drew, PI. No, that’s not her real name, but as a real private eye, and coming from a very religious background, she wishes to remain anonymous. She’s extraordinarily intelligent and helped make up the driving force behind the #FreeMubarak campaign. I chat with her daily and never tire of it. This Sunday, she is set to host the Thought Prophets Podcast as well, so tune in to hear her there.

Follow Nancy on Twitter: @NancyDrewPI And bookmark the Thought Prophets episode link for Sunday: Click here

Next we have a prolific Google plusser named Monicks, who posts atheist memes like a machine. Each and every one of them is thought provoking, most of them are funny and all of them spark great debate and conversation in the comments. I highly, highly recommend following her page:

And finally, we have one of my own long time followers and fantastic content creators. Prototype Atheist is active on Twitter but also posts really great videos for atheists. My personal favorite is this one:

He’s wearing a Bad Religion shirt! He has to be AWESOME. Go follow him:

Twitter: @ProtoAtheist

These are my Friday recommendations. If you want to be included in a future Follow Friday, please email me at

Happy Friday!


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