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Follow Friday: A Bot, Some Support & A Bit Of Toast

Happy Friday, you hellbound infidels! Who else is exceedingly grumpy from eating nothing but celery in the wake of the Christmas binge? Me! I am! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Twitter tonight as I inevitably let loose a long line of blasphemous gripes after I sip my first luscious few (dozen) cans of chilled hops! The way I see it, if we’re going to hell anyway, we might as well make the trip fucking worth it, amirite?

Unicorn & Toast

In the meantime, I think you’d probably benefit from following and interacting with these awesome social spaces run by atheists. If nothing else, they’re potential buddies to lament your melting skin with, while spending eternity in the blazing lake of fire.

Atheist Bot – The name here is a little misleading because the person behind this Twitter account engages in a great many debates with theists and does a damned good job of it, too. You’re going to get great quotes, like the name suggests, but you’ll also explore the many arguments against god in a colourful and entertaining way a lot more.

Follow Atheist Bot on Twitter here: Atheist Bot

Support Atheism – I hate Facebook, but if I do spend time there, this is one of my favourite places. It’s not for the faint of heart, as often, their criticism of religion cuts deep. This is precisely why I enjoy it, though, they’re not afraid to say what we’re all thinking. Mostly in meme form, but the conversation gets pretty good there, too.

Like Support Atheism on Facebook: Support Atheism

And finally, from Peachyfiend, who we all likely know already, there is an animated series called Unicorn & Toast, which is humorous and effectively highlights the problems with dogmatic belief via two deities who are life partners: Unicorn & Toast. Check out a Unicorn & Toast episode:

With that, I wish you all the very best and most debaucherously heathenish Friday!

Wanna be on Follow Friday? Email me:

If you like what I do here and want to support my work, you can chip in here or become a member here.


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