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Every Atheist Needs: Sausage Party

I’ve been waiting for so long to find the time to sit down and watch this. I was told many things about it: “It’s hilarious!”, “It slaughters religion!”, “You’ll piss your pants!”. Finally, this past Friday night, I was able to watch this so-called masterpiece of comedy.

Sausage Party

Now, there is a line when it comes to comedy. Not a line where you’ve gone too far. It’s not a line where it becomes offensive or a line where it’s too off-putting. No, this is a line, an albeit blurry one, which, when crossed, makes viewers feel just a little bit like the writers got really drunk one night and dared each other to come up with the most graphic scenes possible. There’s no clever humour in it. It’s just kinda like when my son was two, and he discovered that saying ‘shit’ would get a reaction out of people. It’s raunch for the sake of raunch – there’s no clever punchline to “get”. Sausage Party… well, Sausage Party crossed this line a few times.

But hey, I’m GM, so I laughed anyway.

Aside from the fact that this movie was a contender in the raunch-Olympics, it had a really great message: If you’re honest, you don’t know what happens when we die. All we know is we have this life now, so live it to its fullest instead of trying to plan for the next life, which you aren’t sure is even real.

The food in your supermarket is alive, sentient and autonomous. The food in your supermarket is convinced you’re a god, come to take it to the Great Beyond. The food in your supermarket longs for the day it gets to pass through those automatic doors and live in blissful eternity with you, their god, caring for them, loving them and just being an all-around super deity. The food in your supermarket doesn’t know what horrors await them when they reach your kitchen. Until that is, one sausage sets out on a trek to discover the truth.

Atheists, you will identify with this skeptical sausage. Even when he does discover the truth, no one wants to hear him or believe him. Blind faith in the Great Beyond prevents everyone from living their lives for themselves. They follow the rules they believe to be enforced by the gods, to avoid being punished and not making it to eternal bliss. They refuse to hear the pleading of a single, doubtful sausage.

I won’t tell you the rest, so as not to spoil this film for you, but I will say, you’ll laugh, cringe and nod in agreement and you might even cheer.

This is an absolute must-watch for atheists, so hop to it.

Have you seen Sausage Party? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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