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Every Atheist Needs: How To Raise Your Children Biologically

Parenting is one of the hardest endeavours. It’s so rewarding and worth every moment, but it’s hard and full of second-guessing. Nothing has the power to make you doubt yourself quite like loving a tiny human. Books about parenting, I have found, have always been somewhat unrealistic, dull or religious. This one, however, was a fantastic read.

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I was sent How To Raise Your Children Biologically a little while back and when I picked it up, I really didn’t know what to expect. What I found, however, was a down-to-earth, easy to read book that looks at parenting from a scientific perspective. In other words, it’s based on things we can actually know.

John Richards has raised four children and taught science to many more. He uses his vast experience with both science and parenting as a guide for first-time parents.

The book has a personality. He uses humour and wonderful sketches throughout to get his points across. You feel kind of like you’re getting advice from a friend. His is not an instructional voice, but an approachable, gentle one with a lot of knowledge. He does not come off as the perfect parent… instead he comes off as fallible and warm; a kind-hearted man with your kids’ best interest at heart.

His outlook on children comes from the idea that humans are animals. He expresses the importance of fun, setting examples and cherishing the little moments that seem to go by so fast.

Mr. Richards also talks about the importance of skepticism when taking in parenting advice from other sources. “Don’t buy unsupported theories.” He explains and goes into examples of such theories.

John tackles different methods, different tactics and different approaches when it comes to teaching your children, learning with them, enjoying their company, dancing, travelling, playing, nursing and caring for pets with them.

He also does not forget to talk about the benefits of raising your children in a secular household.

Overall, this was a fantastic book for parents of children between toddlers to teens. You can grab it on Amazon here.

Have you read this book? What did you think? What’s your favourite book about parenting?

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