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Every Atheist Needs: Atheist Tiki Hour

I’ve raved before about works by Logospilgrim and I cannot rave about this one enough, either. This is a quick read (although it took me what felt like millennia because I have had zero time to sit and read), but it’s going to leave you feeling great. Absolutely unique, this book has humour, compassion, moving personal experience and heartfelt advice all bundled up in 60 quick pages.

Atheist Tiki Hour

It’s written sort of like a conversation between a barkeep and the bar’s patron. You know, like when Homer parks himself on one of Moe’s stools and unloads his worries. Each chapter is named for a new drink which brings an element of humour to an otherwise difficult subject. Logospilgrim easily lures you in with a drink before she talks some sense.

The book is about leaving religion. The book is about doubt. The book is about how hard it is to question everything you’ve ever known and everything you’ve ever cared about or loved. The book is about that journey so many atheists take, laced with fear and apprehension; sadness and loss. The book is kinda like grabbing a tequila shot and throwing it back before facing your demons.

Logospilgrim borrows from her own experiences losing her religion to ultimately prove that sure it’s scary; sure there’s sadness; sure, you’re going to be challenged; but in the end, you’re going to be just fine, and it’s not just because you’re loaded.

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Atheist Tiki Hour

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