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Hilarious Apocalypse Predictions Part 2

I started this last week and quickly realized that there are far too many hilarious apocalypse predictions for just one post, so I divided it into two. To read the previous predictions, click here.

Here are some more:

halley's comet

9. Earth Day Pioneer – One of the founders of Earth Day, José Argüelles, predicted the world would come to an end on August 17th, 1987 unless the world came together and meditated by the millions. He wanted 20 million people to meditate across the globe in unison to shift the collective consciousness towards peace. He called for 144,000 people in each “power center”, which were locations determined to be of spiritual significance such as mountains. It’s a good thing this guy was a respected professor and actually taught at Princeton and UC Davis.

10. The Rebbe – Considered one of the most important Jewish leaders of all time, Russian Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson won the Congressional Gold Medal and had a holiday made from his birthday, Education Day USA. This highly respected man, who was close with some of the most powerful people on the planet, predicted that on September 9th of 1991, the Jewish Messiah would return and the world as we knew it would come to an end.

Okay. So, maybe this one isn’t so much hilarious as it is terrifying.

11. The Planetary Activation Organization – Sheldan Nidle founded the Planetary Activation Organization, which believed that 10,000 aliens would come down to Earth in 1997 and, rather than ending the world completely, they would change it for the better over the course of about 15 years, and only end the world as we knew it. Sheldan’s still out there, selling his “galactic” books and claiming we’re all barreling towards some celestial meeting with our “galactic brother’s and sisters”. You can check out the PAO web site here but be forewarned, only a strong mind can read what is written there and not succumb to the urge to suddenly devote one’s life to this cult. Please, have tin foil hat readied.

Click here for more info from a skeptical perspective.

Sheldan Nidle

Mr. Sheldan Nidle, folks.

Oh, and in case you needed more, fret not, friend. Sheldy-poo has a Youtube Channel:

12. God is Taiwanese – In March of 1998, Hon-Ming Chen had predicted that God would appear on every American’s television set. Apparently, God had a brunch date with Earth and was said to be arriving at precisely 10am and he would look just like Hon-Ming Chen. Chen, the founder of the True Way Cult, had predicted before that an American Jesus would come forward and look just like Abe Lincoln. The cult also claimed to have two children amongst them who were the reincarnations of Jesus and the Buddha. Later, another prophecy foretold the arrival of God in a “God plane” in 1991 to rescue only the members of the cult, after a nuclear war between Taiwan and China wiped out most of Earth.

13. Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen – Rasputin, well known for his role as healer, general doer of things, spiritual guide and die-hard in the last Tsar’s life, had his own end of the world prediction. This man’s God-given abilities to heal hemophilia, control the monarchy like puppets, peel panties and to have an immunity to death, are not all he could do, it appears. He claimed to have been privy to the info that on August 23rd, 2013, a storm would rage ending all life on Earth and prompting Jesus’ return. Considering they didn’t find Rasputin’s charge, the little hemophiliac Alexei’s body until 2007, after it was exposed to firing squad like the rest of his family, many thought the boy had survived and Rasputin really could heal the Tsarevich’s bleeding issues. But still. No Jeeby last year.

blood moon

Did I miss a particularly amusing end of the world prediction? Let me know in the comments!



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