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An Exciting Announcement For Godless Mom!

I often get messages from many of you asking where the Common Heathens podcast went and why we stopped doing it. For those of you who don't know, Donovan (my co-host) and I found that making it work between our two timezones was wildly tricky and decided to end it. It was mutual, and we were both sad about it, and we are still good friends. However, I miss the heck out of going live and having chats with you guys, and I know you do, too, because you've sent me a million messages about it. Well, maybe not a million, but a lot!

So, I'm excited to announce, I have a new podcast coming soon! it's going to be called the Godless Moms Podcast, and the best part is that my new co-host is Janice Selbie! You know her as Wise Counsellor on Twitter.

The podcast will be an advice podcast, where you write to us and ask us for advice on any issues you might have about secular life, leaving religion, religious trauma, secular parenting or anything else that's on your mind. As you know, Janice is a counsellor who specializes in religious trauma and has extensive experience herself with leaving religion and starting a new life. I was raised without religion and am raising my kids the same way, so I have a totally different perspective. Together, we hope to give a good, rounded out talk about the issues that press on you the most.

Do you have a question for the Godless Moms? Click here to submit it, and we will discuss it on an upcoming podcast episode.

Each episode will be aired live on the Godless Mom YouTube channel on Saturdays. Our first episode is scheduled for this Saturday, January 23rd at noon. You can watch here:

Or you can watch on the Godless Mom Facebook page. Click here for that.

Once we've done the live version, we will, of course, upload the audio to all your favourite podcast platforms. Stay tuned for links to those.

I hope that you guys enjoy the new podcast! I am looking so forward to being live with you guys again!


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Jan 19, 2021

Thank you


Pedro Aguillon
Pedro Aguillon
Jan 18, 2021

Thanks for the good news 😉


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