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12 Amazing Online Activities For Growing Critical Thinkers & Their Atheist Parents

If we’re being honest here, half of these activities are things Godless Mom has had way too much fun with. Screw the kids, these are fun for everyone.

If you absolutely have to share with the kids, though, these tools and games will help you mould scientifically literate children and help cultivate a love of learning and develop their natural curiosity. One thing I’ve noticed since starting this whole Godless Mom thing, is that so many people are illiterate when it comes to the Universe and evolution. I believe the best way to make sure your kid doesn’t end up like that, is to get them interested early. These tools will help you with that:

1. Devolve Me – See yourself devolve through the past 2.2. million years and end up a hairy ass homo habilis. Did I say yourself? I meant your kid. Yeah, your kid.

Devolve me

Godless Mom as a homo habilis.

2. Colour a Pterosaur – The American Museum of Natural History has found a genius way to introduce kids to the pterosaur. You get to pick your own background, which type of pterosaur you’d like to be, and finally, you get to colour your pterosaur in any colour you want. This is Godless Mom’s fabulous creation:


The fabulous pterosaur

3. Who Wants To Live A Million Years? – Charles Darwin leads you through the survival of your species, helping you choose traits that are suited to your every changing environment. This didn’t suck up half an evening, I swear to Jeebus (no holy).

Darwin Game

Who’s the fittest?

4. Nasa’s Space Place – Filled with facts, videos, pictures, puzzles, colouring pages and tons of games about space, your kids will get hooked. Definitely not you, though. Definitely not you.

Nasa's Space Place

Nasa’s Space Place

5. Museum of Modern Art Lab iPad App – Art and culture is just as important to learn as science and math. This app will teach kids about art, the collection at MoMA, and has tons of fun art-related activities.

MoMA App

Learning about art is fun!

6. Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone – Kids can learn a great deal about the history of the USA on this site. The many games and activities will show them what life was like during colonial times, and who were some of the important people back then.

colonial williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Games

7. Smithsonian Moon Walk – Experience the Apollo 11 moon landing with a timeline full of original footage. It was before my time too, so I got quite wrapped up in this.

apollo 11

Smithsonian Moon Walk

8. Canadarm 2 Simulator – This game from the same space agency that gave us my hero, Chris Hadfield, lets you experience how to manipulate the Canadarm 2 at the International Space Station.

Canadarm 2

Canadarm 2

9. Ology – This is the American Museum of Natural History’s web site for kids with endless hours of games and activities to do with our natural history.



10. National Geographic for Kids – Little know facts, polls, games and activities that teach kids about our world. Includes loads of stunning Nat Geo style photos.

Nat Geo Kids

Nat Geo Kids

11. Harvest of History – Kids can learn where their food comes from and how people used to cultivate food throughout history. Very informative and cute.

harvest of history

Harvest of History

12. BBC History for Kids – Countless games that cover ancient history all the way to recent history. Personally, I chose to make a mummy:

Make a Mummy

Make a Mummy

I hope you get as much fun out of these as I did. Oh… and I guess your kids, too. I plan to post a list of these every time I have a dozen to share, so if you know of any really amazing kid’s activities or games online, please send them to me at

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