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When Your Best Friend Becomes Convinced She Has Reptilian DNA

When I spoke to Lisa, who is in the Netherlands, and she told me her best friend was convinced she had reptilian DNA, I was reminded of the case of Matthew Coleman, who killed his two small children because he thought they were of reptilian descent.

What could make a proud father with a dream life running a surf school in Southern California believe that his kids had reptilian DNA and needed to die? QAnon of course.

In this week's episode of the Q-Dropped Podcast, I could hear the concern in Lisa's voice as she spoke of her best friend in the world and how she has lost her to QAnon.

We also posted a second episode for patrons only here. In it, we speak to Robert, who is going through a divorce from the mother of his children as she descends down the QAnon rabbit hole.

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Producers: Gene StGermain, Glenn White, Marc Nozell, Brendan O’Connell, Sarah Cook, Andy, Jeff Card1A, Nathan Weaver, Nicole Cantu

Photo by Tina Markova on Unsplash


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