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When You Find Out Your Dad is A QAnon Influencer

David is a US Marine. He's just 23 and seen things you and I can only imagine. He's been deployed to the far corners of the earth and endured traumas that will affect him for the rest of his life. But none of it compares to when he came home and realized that his parents, who were his best friends, were deep down the QAnon rabbit hole. Even worse, David learned his father is a QAnon influencer with tens of thousands of followers across right-wing social media.

When David told his parents about the trauma he endured during one of his deployments, they refused to acknowledge the deployment was even real, in essence accusing David himself of being a part of the conspiracy.

My heart broke for David as I chatted with him. He's a thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent man who is going to do wonderful things with his life with or without his parents support, but it breaks my heart to listen to how his parents have been treating him.

Take a listen yourself on any of your favourite podcast platforms (links here) or listen on YouTube (ad-free versions and bonus clips are also available here) :

If you have a loved one who has been affected by QAnon, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a note using the form on this page.


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Tariq N
Tariq N
Jan 20, 2023

You're batshit insane, lady. Find some simp to fuck the crazy out of you.


Robert D. Moore
Robert D. Moore
Jan 17, 2023

Oh, boy...last year I went to see my mom in North Carolina and it was an uneasy situation about her spouse and my step-dad he was a Veteran of Vietnam War, got two purple heart awards from serving U.S. Army so I had questions to ask him about January 6th insurgents that attacked the Capitol in Washington DC. To my shocking experience to see his rage and rant after asked questions I kept cool and realized he is one of them then wish them well I left for good, not coming back I was floored with disgust. Now I reside in Kentucky I see the more of the same, oh boy. Stay vigilant and educate a few as much …


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