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QAnon in Germany: I Never Expected This

When I sat down to speak with Flo, I knew very little about his story. What I learned made me sad and angry. Flo is a psychology student in Germany whose parents he had always been close with. So much so that he considered them his best friends.

But Flo's parents fell down the QAnon rabbit hole much like my own, and it led to them doing and saying some awful things. Nothing, though, compares to what they did to cause Flo to back off and distance himself from them. This story broke my heart, and it will break yours too. It's unimaginable, but QAnon is inspiring actions like those of Flo's parents all over the world.

In this episode, we look back on German history and try to connect the past to what is happening with QAnon in the present today. Please enjoy this episode, and be sure to check out the video footage of our interview on Patreon.

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