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Episode 1 is here: Stories of Relationships Destroyed by QAnon

It's launch day! The Q-Dropped Podcast is a show about relationships and families that have been destroyed or harmed by QAnon and Q-adjacent ideas. The first two episodes are live and ready for you to listen to.

Episode one features Bruce, a father and grandfather in Ohio, who is concerned about his son's wellbeing after discovering he has joined a militia and begun stockpiling weapons.

You can listen to Bruce's story here:

The second episode features Hale, a young man who is getting ready to go no contact with his QAnon parents. Listen to that episode here:

Exclusive clips and video of these two interviews are also available on Patreon. Click here to get access.

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favourite podcast platform. Below are links to the Q-Dropped Podcast on those platforms:

Thank you for listening!


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