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If you've been around here recently, you know that I've been slowly chipping away at tell my story about how Qanon and conspiracy theories have affected my life and my family. If you haven't read it, it's called Letters From My Qanon Parents.

To recap, when the covid-19 vaccines began to roll out in Canada, my brother and I made a concerning discovery: my parents had bought into the Qanon conspiracies. What ensued was two months of arguing in email, just trying to get them to get vaccinated. They are both in their 70s, and our father has had some medical issues that caused concern when the pandemic began. It was crucial to get them vaccinated.

In an unexpected turn of events, after months of arguing, they finally agreed. I went with them, and I witnessed them both get vaccinated. They insisted that they finally realized the conspiracy theories had duped them, and all seemed to be well again.

But, at the beginning of 2022, my brother noticed that our parents had drained several of their investment and banking accounts. When he confronted them, it became clear: they were deeper into Q than ever before. We don't know where the money is or the full extent of the conspiracy theories they have accepted, but we do know one thing: the people who raised us are gone. In their place are two strangers and a lot of hurt. I have decided to funnel this sadness and anger into a project to raise awareness about what Qanon is doing to families and relationships.

Qanon is everywhere. In every country. They could be your family, your friends, your neighbours. They could be your lawyers, your doctors, or your police officers. They can even be your elected representatives. But what no one is talking about is how they are destroying relationships. They are Qanon, and these are the stories of the people who love them.

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