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Your Stories of Atheism: When Kids Doubt

This is an ongoing series featuring your stories of how you came to identify as an atheist. If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here.

Here’s a quick story, much like my own, from Jeff:

My story is quite brief. I was born a sceptic (thanks to my parents) and then went to school and was told some utterly ridiculous religious stories that even aged about 4-5 I thought what a pile of crap. I have never had a religious thought in my life, and have always questioned/argued with any religious person who spouted crap in my direction. Like the two morons, sorry Mormons who stopped me, while walking home from work to ask if I wanted a better life….cheeky shits, presuming their shitty religion could actually improve my life.

Next, here’s Andy:

I didn’t choose atheism—I don’t think anyone does—it chooses you!
Atheism is the (only) logical alternative to theism. Once you reject theism, you are, ipso facto, an atheist.
In my case, I was sent to a Catholic school. In grade 7, during a lecture from Father Oliver (a Jesuit), a fellow student, Ted Flood, boldly challenged him. I was aghast! How dare he question a priest!
Quickly my indignation turned to astonishment, as I witnessed the Jesuit fumbling for answers!
The door to doubt had opened—and with it, my eyes to a whole new world! A terrifying, lonely world without the unconditional love from a Heavenly God; a maternal Mother Mary and her Earthly Son.
I can still remember the despair.
Then, it all began to change. A sense of freedom set in…I could curse God’s name and I wouldn’t burn in hell! There was no sin—there was no one’s ass to kiss!
A huge boat anchor on my back just evaporated—poof. I was an “A-Theist”.
I liken this intellectual metamorphosis with puberty. One does not choose puberty, it is a natural physiological inevitability where your body reaches adulthood. Along with this bodily transformation comes a strange and wonderful new awareness: the opposite sex is now a whole new ball game. Wow!
I am one of the lucky ones who escaped the stranglehold of religion. I feel such pity for all the children who suffer the same indoctrination.
As for the adults who continue to embrace supernatural beliefs in devils, miracles and talking serpents, I feel anger—anger for their stupidity and cowardice to accept inescapable facts.Above all, it is their self indulgence that infuriates me. Their comforting beliefs afford them an easy way out of the burdens of reality. It is a choice they make, whether they realize it or not.
That is why I’m here rambling on to myself. I want to rid the world of religion, one tweet at a time.
It’s so comically ironical that they, who want to save me, are the ones who really need to be saved from themselves.
Well! I certainly enjoyed hearing myself! I’m the one person who never disagrees with me. Now back to drawing more atheist cartoons to save mankind! Bravo Andy Stout!

And finally, here’s Miss Sandra:

I was 10 yrs old and in a catholic grade school. At 9:00 am, I was in a Science class learning that there were 35,000 species of spiders and the animals that ate spiders were birds, lizards, frogs and wasps. I then was in a Catechism class where we learned about Noah’s Ark and how he got a female and male of each species. He got everyone on the ARK! I remember scribbling 35,000 + 35,000 = 70,000 Spiders. I sat there trying to imagine 70,000 spiders on the ARK and none of them being eaten by the birds, lizards and others. I raised my hand to ask the NUN this question: Did all the species survive the 40 days on the ARK? She said “Oh yes, God protected all of them”. I asked “how did GOD provide for all the animals food to eat and where did NOAH get all the food?” When the Nun looked at me and told me “Only God knows those answers”…I knew then it was all a bunch of myths and stories that were not true. I was 10 years old when I began to question the existence of a God and at 62 yrs old – happy I figured it out early on so I live an authentic life.

If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here.

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